I have battled with stomach issues for years now, and I've tried it all. I went through extensive allergy testing, visited several gastroenterology specialists, you name it. I was exhausted and frustrated and felt like at this point, nothing would work. When I approached Kate about her services, she assured me that we'd find answers together. From start to finish, Kate was there to support me. She explained my body and the symptoms I was experiencing to me in a way that I understood, which made it so much easier to implement the changes we made throughout my daily life. I never felt scared to reach out to her - whether it was via text for a quick question, or a phone call in an ultimate panic at my favorite restaurants because I didn't know what I should order. Kate made the process easy because of how reachable and approachable she is. It has now been about 8 months since I met with her initially and I have never felt better. No stomach issues, I'm sleeping better, and I'm able to make modifications without the stress. I now am able to go out to eat at a restaurant stress-free, and as someone who is constantly on the go I never feel deprived because of all of the support Kate has provided. I'm forever thankful for Everwell and am so relieved! Thank you Kate!!  - Walker P.

I’ve always considered myself as someone who was healthy, but I was gradually adding weight that I couldn’t seem to burn off and was starting to feel my energy was being affected.  I spoke with Kate about it, and I quickly figured out that she is the real deal and her passion is legit.  Kate designed a specialized program for me that had amazing results -- I lost about 30 pounds in about 5-6 months, and my energy level is back to where I would like for it to be.  And amazingly, Kate made it very easy for me to do so -- she taught me the “why” about what we were doing and provided great inspiration and support during every step of the journey.  I enjoyed the entire process, and one of the huge benefits is that it provided a huge “re-set button” for me: Kate’s program has become a lifestyle change for me and I couldn’t be happier about it. - Max Y.

My body was stuck with extra weight, feeling sluggish and in need of a total body nutrition plan.  Kate customized a realistic food and exercise plan that would set me up for success.  Her genuine commitment and professionalism helped me achieve the results that I was looking for.  Many thanks to Kate!!! - Sara T.   

I’ve worked with Kate this past year and have experienced firsthand what an extraordinary passion Kate has for each individual client. She offers a tailored and comprehensive service that far out-performs any book or diet trend I could imagine. Kate has a depth of knowledge of nutrition that is truly unrivaled. After our initial meeting and listening to my needs and goals, Kate provided an efficient and successful plan to really change my way of life and eating habits to reach my full potential. - Danielle S. 

For the working client that has limited time to meal prep or grocery shop, or the client who grew up not fully aware of healthy eating habits, Kate’s program encourages people of all lifestyles to be educated and set up for successful healthy living. Kate will go above and beyond to encourage each client to reach their goals and push through obstacles. She truly radiates this sincere positive energy and will be there for you every step of the way. - Jennifer C.